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Jest odpowiedź rządu na petycję dotyczącą zniesienia opłaty za wniosek o obywatelstwo brytyjskie dla Polaków pracujących w Wielkiej Brytanii ponad 5 lat
Czwartek, 16. Marzec 2017 08:28
Tydzień temu w artykule „PETYCJA W NASZEJ SPRAWIE!” (zobacz tutaj…) pisaliśmy o petycji dotyczącej zniesienia opłaty za wniosek o obywatelstwo brytyjskie dla Polaków pracujących w Wielkiej Brytanii ponad 5 lat. Dzisiaj pojawiła się odpowiedź od Home Office.

Pełny tekst odpowiedzi w języku angielskim poniżej. Petycja jest cały czas aktywna i na dzień dzisiejszy podpisało ją 29181 Polaków. Aby petycją zajął się parlament, trzeba zebrać 100 000 podpisów do 15 sierpnia 2017 roku.

Government responded:

The rights of EEA and Swiss citizens in the UK remain unchanged. The Government wants to protect their status, subject to reciprocal protection for British citizens living in other EU countries.

Until the UK leaves the EU, EU nationals living in the UK, as well as British citizens in other EU Member States, continue to have the same rights and status, and are subject to the same residence requirements under EU law, as was the case before the referendum.

EU nationals who have lived continuously and lawfully in the UK for at least five years, automatically have a permanent right to reside under EU law. This means that they have a right to live in the UK without having to exercise Treaty rights. EU nationals are not required to apply to the Home Office for documentation confirming their status or their right to be here, although they can do so if they wish. Guidance on the requirements, how to apply for documentation and details of the current application fee of £65 can be found here:

The Government fully appreciates the importance of giving certainty to EU nationals regarding their residency status. That is why the Prime Minister has made it one of her 12 negotiating priorities in the UK’s exit from the EU to secure the status of EU nationals already living in the UK, and vice versa, as early as possible once formal negotiations begin.

EU nationals who have continuously resided lawfully in the UK for six years and who hold a document certifying permanent residence are eligible to apply for British citizenship if they so wish.

The Home Office sets border, immigration and citizenship fees at a level that helps provide the resources necessary to operate the immigration system. The remainder of the funding is currently provided through general taxation. The Home Office aims to reduce the overall level of funding that comes from general taxation by reducing costs and increasing resources generated from fee income. This will enable it to work towards its ambition of a border, immigration and citizenship system that is fully funded by those who use it by 2019-20, as set out in last year’s Spending Review.

When setting fee levels, as well as taking administration costs into account, careful consideration is given to the benefits and entitlements applicants may receive.
Being recognised as a British citizen is an important and defining moment in a person’s life and British nationality brings many benefits which applicants value very highly.
These benefits include:

•    the right to vote in general elections;
•    eligibility to apply for a British passport. This removes the necessity to apply and pay for additional visas to visit many countries;
•    eligibility for consular support when outside the UK (unless in a country of which they are also a national). This support includes issuing replacement emergency travel documents, providing help to victims of crime or people in hospital, and making special arrangements in cases of terrorism, civil unrest or natural disasters. This support is not available to other countries’ nationals, even if they may have been legally living in the UK.

Home Office